Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Nakart Enterprises OPC Private Limited which will be referred to as Nakart Enterprises hereof will not trade your personal information in any manner unless permitted or consented by you. The contents of this privacy policy and any other policies on this website can be modified by Nakart Enterprises anytime and shall be effective immediately unless stated otherwise. The use of  this website would mean that you adhere to all the policies of the website.

Personal Information

Nakart Enterprises OPC Private Limited ( will ensure all means to safeguard your privacy. Your privacy is important to us. We do need your personal information which includes but is not limited to your phone number, valid email id, postal address, dob, etc. to create your account with us so that we can ship you the products and contact you. We would require your personal information to inform you about the status of the products / services you have purchased from our wesite. For example – you may receive an SMS or a call from us or our courier partners to ensure that the communication is established so that product is delivered to you. We might apprise you about our current or upcoming products, services or offers if you give us the necessary permission through subscription to send you emails and posts in that regard.

Other uses of the personal information include to help you to use the website, to personalize your experience while using the website, to ensure we provide you any updates that might be relevant to you about the changes in policies and terms and conditions of the website. Additionally, your personal information could be used for our internal analysis and statistics. For example to do a demographic analysis of a particular product. We would do these analysis to ensure how we can improve the customer experience. Last but not the least we would require your data to comply with the regulatory and legal requirements and disclosures provided as per the laws of the Union of India.


All online payments on our website would be done through secured and  encrypted connection. We ensure that the website is well protected through standard security protocols and your personal data secured. In case of a security breach of any form you would be duly notified if it affects you or our account with us. We would request you to ensure you do not leave your system unattended or share your credentials with others which might lead to theft of your personal data and of which Nakart Enterprises would bear no liability or responsibility.

We as a part of Nakart Enterprises / respect your privacy and assure you that we would take utter care of your personal information. For any queries please contact us us at

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