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There is so much that we all do, we all see and there’s so much we all wish to convey and we at Nakli truly believe that clothes are the best canvas to express ourselves. A canvas to project our ideas, a canvas to canvass our thoughts. We live in an era of judgement. We judge all the time and get judged all the time, a judgement which is just a rendition of someone’s perspective but the way we clothe ourselves is definitely one of the most important yardsticks of that judgement. So it’s important to wear something that saves us from that judgment?? Wrong!
The truth is no matter what we do, what we wear we will always get judged, whether it’s long, short, black, white, orange or green. So the question is should we really think what everyone would think or should we outthink their thoughts and do what we really want to do and wear what we really want to wear.
Comon.. why are you still reading this. Go and check out some really cool designs we’ve made for you. As for us we just make cool stuffs without any fear of judgement and nothing more.
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